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School Picture Day is Here!

Fall is here and that means it is time for school pictures. My daughter is all smiles for the big day thanks to her Invisalign® clear aligners! You might have seen this post where I discussed her first day of Invisalign® treatment and why we chose Invisalign® clear aligners for her. It is vitally important for children to have confidence in themselves. And having self-confidence starts with your smile! 

Why Invisalign® Treatment is Right for Us

My daughter Sarah is one busy lady! She just started 7th grade and she absolutely loves school! She gets excellent grades, plays in the band, and is active in extracurricular sports. And recently she had her school picture day. She was so nervous about the day and I totally understand why. It is this age when girls really start to become self-critical, and as I just mentioned, encouraging her to love how she looks and feels is so important! For her big day, she planned out her outfit, hair and makeup to a T. Her skin looks great, so I told her she does not need any makeup. But picture day is one of those days where she was really thankful to have Invisalign® clear aligners. She has had them for three months and already her teeth are well-aligned and her smile is beautiful.  And she had no issues at all taking her photos with her Invisalign® clear aligners as they are virtually invisible. So she was not afraid at all to show off her pearly whites for picture day! 



We are so glad we chose to do Invisalign treatment for our daughter! The Invisalign system is the most advanced clear aligner system you can find in the world. Only Invisalign® aligners are made with SmartTrack® material so you end up with a better fit, increased  comfort, and more predictable tooth movement.* (*compared to aligners made from off-the-shelf, single layer .030in material). And I love that only with Invisalign® do we work directly with our orthodontist, so I know she is getting expert care and the best treatment possible for her. And the cost is similar to traditional braces too! 

If you would like to learn more, take the Invisalign® smile assessment. Find out if the Invisalign® treatment is right for you or someone in your family. The Invisalign® brand website even has an easy to use Doctor Locator feature which will allow you to search for Invisalign®-trained doctors in your area.

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