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Teaching a Healthy Lifestyle to Kids

Hello from sunny Florida! Spring break is here for our family so we took the chance to escape the cold and rain and head to Hollywood Beach. Today’s post is all about how I keep my family fit, so we even took the time to exercise while at the beach.  Finding the time to do it however is always a challenge with our family’s hectic schedule.  

As my day job as a physician, I treat people with chronic pain on a daily basis. And the one thing I have seen with my patients, is those who exercise routinely feel better about themselves, and ultimately they have less pain. Knowing this, I try to lead the lifestyle that my healthiest patients do, and that means incorporating exercise into my routine on a regular basis. I also want to teach my kids the importance of regular exercise, but that can be tricky with my work and their activities. But the best way to do this though is leading by example!

So how do we accomplish this? Running has always been my favorite form of exercise to do. Running is hard work, and it definitely takes time to build up endurance. I feel so healthy and alive after a run!  My girls and I weren’t always in the best shape, so we decided to make it a priority to run regularly together. Two years ago, we started out doing Couch to 5K. After three months of consistent training we were actually able to run a 5K. I love spending time with my girls when we run, as is quality time we are spending together and we get to stay in shape. We keep up this routine ever since we started it.

Reebok Classics from Designer Shoe Wearhouse

With fitness a priority for our entire family, of course we need good running shoes! My kids are growing so fast so that means every year we need new shoes. So when it comes to finding good running shoes for the family, our local DSW is our favorite place to shop. 

I remember being so excited as a kid to get my first pair of Reeboks. Their classic styles (with an updated twist) can still be found today at DSW. Here my daughter and I are wearing the Classic Harman running shoe. My daughter loves that she and I get to wear matching shoes too!

We seriously love our Classic Harman running shoes. These are the most comfortable pair of running shoes I own! Not only are these shoes great for running, but they are versatile enough to wear to the gym and with a casual outfit for the rest of the day. And I love that my daughter is wearing the timeless style that I have loved for so many years.

So head to DSW and get your own pair of Reebok Classics. At under $55 for the women’s version and under $50 for the kids version, they are a great value as well.

So how do you like to teach your kids the importance of regular exercise?

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23 thoughts on “How to Stay Fit as a Family…

  1. Running brings back great memories of my dad and I running 5ks together. After having knee surgery he was forced to hang up his running shoes. I’ve continued on my own and hope some day that my daughter will be able to join me. Great post on how to incorporate time with family while staying healthy!

    1. I have been going to the Dicks Sporting Goods in Dothan Al for over 5 years. It’s my Go-to place for all of my sons football equipment, clothing, shoes etc… The employees are always over the top helpful and nice, which makes a difference. I recently had to order his shoulder pads online due to size issue. Long story short i was sent wrong size, toothed out was some kind of catalog error with youth and varsity. So after getting mixed help on the phone with customer service i decided to call the store because i all had to re order them again. Needless to say store manager Lee and his team today we so helpful and made sure i left completely satisfied and with exact product i needed! I recommend D***’s sporting goods in Dothan door all your kids spring good needs.

  2. I love the light colors of the pics, great way to encourage readers t stay healthy and look fabulous at the same time!

  3. I agree exercise is essential to staying healthy. I love that you run with your daughter. What a great bonding activity. For me exercise consists of hiking and kayaking.

  4. Stay fit should be a key of life. great initiative by Rebook that they has come up with such amazing fitness wear for mom and daughter.

  5. I used to workout with my mom too! The best were our 90s workout attire LOL. Love yours, so adorable!

  6. It’s good to hear how you started off with running, as I’m not a runner and find it quite daunting, but couch to 5K sounds achievable. Good to do it as a family as well.

  7. I love that you and your daughter work out together! Those grey strappy leggings…I need those in my life 🙂

  8. This is such a great article, it is super important too. Staying active as a family is one of our 2018 goals. It can help us bond more and we’ll be healthy as well. Thanks for sharing, I hope more people see this.

  9. I believe that keeping healthy is important for you and your kids and getting them involved in fitness at an early age is so important. That’s great you have engaged with your daughter this way. And those look like really great running shoes.

  10. Love the message and the theme of your post. Working out as a family has so many long-term benefits that go beyond the physical aspect. Love the outfits by the way. 🙂

  11. When someone else speaks in favor of what you like, you feel like you love it more. As an eternal Reebok lover I feel happy you also love the brand. Hats off.

  12. Your daughter is so beautiful. I loved the workout leggings and the rest of the outfit! This was a great read.