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Living Room Reveal

Today’s post was months, if not years in the making. We moved into our house a little over four years ago. After several years of living with a dark brown leather couch and brown wood furniture, I decided it was time for an update. I wanted a light and airy look to my living room as I am always drawn towards this style. So after several months of planning, and with the help of my designer Tiffany Barnes and Crypton Home Fabrics, it is finally time for my living room reveal! 

Petite Fashion and Style Blog | Crypton Fabrics | Minted Art

Petite Fashion and Style Blog | Crypton Fabrics | Minted Art

How to Have a White Couch With Small Children

Ever since we had children, I was always afraid to have a white couch. So for many years I’ve lived with a dark, cold leather sectional. The sectional certainly served our needs, and we didn’t have to worry about it getting dirty and stained. But it is easy to grow tired of a brown leather couch, and I knew it was time for a change! I’ve always loved the look of a crisp, clean white couch. Say what??? A white couch with small children and all the havoc they create? What am I thinking?? Rest assure, I thought long and hard about the risks and benefits of owning a white couch. So when I learned about Crypton Home Fabrics, I knew I had found the perfect fabric to reupholster my couch and give it new life. 

Petite Fashion and Style Blog | Crypton Fabrics | Minted Art

Crypton Home Fabrics

Whether you have a huge family, a pet lover, or you are just a sloppy person,  Crypton Home Fabrics can stand up to life’s toughest messes. Crypton Home Fabric is designed with performance in mind, so you can enjoy life and all its messes without sacrificing beauty. Crypton Home Fabrics are designed to resist stains, repel odors, and keep moisture at bay.  I didn’t believe it until I saw it for myself. This fabric stands up to the toughest stains, from blood, to wine, to spaghetti sauce. The stain doesn’t even get a chance to set and Crypton Fabrics naturally repels it. Just wipe clean any you are done! And Crypton Fabrics come in literally hundreds of colors, textures and patterns! I love that Crypton Home fabrics are also free of potentially harmful levels of chemicals and odors. So not only are Crypton Home fabrics functional, they are environmentally friendly!

Petite Fashion and Style Blog | Crypton Fabrics | Minted Art

You can find Crypton Home Fabrics at major retailers such as Pottery Barn, One Kings Lane, and Calico Corners. Crypton Home Fabrics can also be found in designer fabrics such as Kravet, Greenhouse Fabrics, and Thibaut and many more. I chose the fabric Snow in the pattern Daily for this couch. After reupholstering my tired, old leather sectional, it looks brand new! If you are looking for a similar new sectional, Pottery Barn sells this one with Crypton Performance Fabric. The pillows here are actually custom made from the Kravet Candice Olson line. 

Petite Fashion and Style Blog | Crypton Fabrics | Minted Art

I’ve had a slight obsession with ginger jars lately. The main accent color in my living room is teal, so I was very happy to find these teal ginger jars. They make the perfect accent piece for my marble coffee table. I discovered this coffee table when it was featured in the 2018 HGTV Dream Home. The clean design of this coffee table is perfect for the open and airy look I wanted to achieve. 

Petite Fashion and Style Blog | Crypton Fabrics | Minted Art

Artwork by Minted

If you are ever at a loss for where to find artwork for your home decor project, I highly recommend Minted. I love the award-winning designs Minted offers (see where I’ve posted here and here), and the artwork comes ready to hang in the frame of your choosing from their wide selection. This Grayscale Poppies artwork is perfect for the space, as it complements and doesn’t clash with the main artwork above the mantle.  

Petite Fashion and Style Blog | Crypton Fabrics | Minted Art

This Kravet Christina chair in the corner is a perfect space to cozy up and read a book. I love the light here too!

Petite Fashion and Style Blog | Crypton Fabrics | Minted ArtPetite Fashion and Style Blog | Crypton Fabrics | Minted Art

Fresh flowers always make a space more inviting. I searched high and low for a simple white floral vase. I was happy to find this one on Amazon for under $15! What I really like about this space is that I am able to mix high end and more affordable pieces together for a cohesive, classic design. Petite Fashion and Style Blog | Crypton Fabrics | Minted Art

Tips for Decorating a Mantle

My house is by Toll Brothers. I didn’t really like the mantle choices Toll offered, so as soon as we moved in we tore it out. I hired Ray Vesey Woodworking and Remodeling to build a new mantle. He has done an amazing job! So much so that we hired his company to finish our basement and remodel my kitchen (coming soon to the blog…). I wanted a mantle in the style of traditional Colonial design and he built exactly what I had in mind. A traditional mantle such as this stands out on it’s own. To style it, I added two vases (a larger and a smaller one) to each side. The main artwork for the room sits between the vases. If your mantle doesn’t have paneling going up the wall then I would suggest styling it with a mirror (such as this one from Anthropologie) and a piece of art next to and slightly behind it. 

To avoid overcrowding the mantle base, add decorative objects such as temple jars to just one side. I like these aquamarine jars as they complement all the other teal colors in the room. And this classic white temple jar added to the mix balances everything out so there isn’t too much teal. 

So I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s home tour of my living room. And stay tuned as soon you will see it decorated for the holidays too! 

As always, thanks for stopping by!

xo | April

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  1. j’aime beaucoup le choix des couleurs pour ce salon. Le blanc et le beige clairs contrastent avec le sol en parquet foncé et le bleu apporte une belle touche de couleur.

  2. Your living room is stunning. I would have a panic attack with so much white though but thats cause I am a toddler mom.

  3. I love this! And I love how the fabric is great with kids. I’ve always wanted a lighter fabric couch but so afraid with having 2 young kids!

  4. I love your living room! We have a light gray couch with small kids, but it came with a 5 year warranty. Before that we also had a dark couch for the same reasons!

  5. Your living room pics are beautiful! I can’t BELIEVE how high that second set of windows is – those are some looooooong curtains! And how neat that the fabric seems to have stain blocker built in? – we could use some of that!

  6. This looks so amazing and cozy! I love the high ceilings and the curtains you placed there. The decor just meshes perfectly in this room!!! Great work!!!

  7. I absolutely love the white living room! I have 2 kids, so I appreciate the tips here. My problem isn’t so much the kids, but my pets!!

  8. What a stunning space! The natural light from the gorgeous windows is incredible. I love how open and inviting the save is. Beautiful details!

  9. This is amazing, I like how u took the pictures and angles of it. We painted our sister’s room while and it’s difficult to keep it clean.