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How To Unwind From the Day With a Tranquility™ Weighted Blanket

People ask me all the time how I handle everything on my plate. As easy as I make it look, I will tell you it is quite the challenge! On top of running this blog, I work full time as a physician, and I am raising four young children. There are never enough hours in the day to do everything I need to do! Thankfully I have help, but sometimes it is hard to handle it all. There are many nights I don’t get enough sleep and it can be hard to find time to exercise on a consistent basis.  I have found though that setting aside time every day to unwind from the day makes all the difference in the world. I am a homebody by nature, and some of my favorite activities include: reading a book in my favorite calm space in my home, watching a movie with my kids, chatting with my husband, and relaxing with a good podcast. And all of these activities are enhanced with the calming pressure of a Tranquility Weighted Blanket

Petite Fashion Blog | Tranquility Weighted Blanket Review

The Benefits of Using a Weighted Blanket

Everyone feels better after a good hug. Perhaps this is because before we were born we were in a constant “hugged” state in our mother’s womb. It is well known that babies do better in a swaddle, and young children are often quite attached to their “blankie”. Research shows that deep pressure stimulation has been found to calm adults and children with anxiety, autism, and attention difficulties.  It makes sense that a weighted blanket would have a similar effect. Using a weighted blanket feels like the best long hug you can get. And using a weighted blanket is a great way to get a better night’s rest naturally. I tell my patients all the time not to use sleeping pills, and a weighted blanket can be a wonderful alternative. 

Petite Fashion Blog | Tranquility Weighted Blanket Review

Why Tranquility™ Weighted Blankets?

Tranquility™ brand weighted blankets, are a high-quality, affordable weighted blanket from American Textile Company.  They were developed in response to growing consumer interest in solutions to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as to provide a safe, natural solution for better sleep. They are available in weights ranging from six to twenty pounds, so you can easily find the weighted blanket that is perfect for you. Tranquility™ weighted blankets are designed with both adults and children in mind, so they can relax, rest, recharge, or sleep more comfortably. These weighted blankets apply deep calming pressure to help you relax, fall asleep quickly, stay asleep, so you ultimately wake up feeling rested and refreshed. 

Petite Fashion Blog | Tranquility Weighted Blanket Review

Tranquility™  Weighted Blanket Construction

Tranquility™ blankets are made up of a combination of recycled polyester fiber fill, manufactured using recycled plastic bottles and glass beads as small as a grain of sand to achieve the desired weight of each blankets. You can find Tranquility™ weighted blankets at many major retailers. However, Tranquility™ weighted blankets sold exclusively at Walmart feature a removable cover. This removable cover is machine washable and dryable, which allows for easy care. These blankets also are made with temperature-balancing technology that cools by wicking moisture as the temperature rises, making it ideal to use in warmer temperatures. Tranquility™ also uses a plush outer fabric for ultimate comfort, and an innovative box-quilt design to distribute weight evenly by preventing the fill from shifting. Tranquility™ recommends a blanket weight that is around 10% of your total body weight, although many people use a heavier or lighter blanket, depending on personal preference.
Petite Fashion Blog | Tranquility Weighted Blanket ReviewPetite Fashion Blog | Tranquility Weighted Blanket Review

A Tranquility™ Weighted Blanket Isn’t Just For Sleep

A Tranquility™ Weighted Blanket can be used in any situation where you are trying to relax. Many people often use them outside the bedroom – when relaxing on the couch, traveling, or even at the office. My daughter, who tends to be a bit hyper, has never been so calm since using her new weighted blanket! She uses it whenever she reads, and definitely when she sleeps at night. And I love that my child is calm, happy, and easy to be with! Based on these experiences, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend one to my patients or my friends and family! 

Petite Fashion Blog | Tranquility Weighted Blanket Review

Tranquility™ is the affordable weighted blanket brand from American Textile Company designed to help adults and children relax, so they can rest, recharge, and sleep more comfortably. You can find them nationwide at retailers such as Walmart. The price is reasonable (starting at $49.99) and with a range of sizes and weights, you can find the perfect weighted blanket for your needs. Visit Tranquility Bedding for more information.
I hope you have found today’s post helpful and informative. Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions. And as always, thanks for stopping by!
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