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S’Mores for the Last Day of Summer

So the last day of summer is just about here (technically there are two days left). Here in Michigan the transition from summer to fall happens pretty quickly. As soon as the days become shorter the temperatures start to fall and the air starts to feel crisp. Already I can see some of the leaves changing on the trees. But at the very least we’ve had some gorgeous warm and sunny weather. And we are soaking up every last minute of it that we can! So for the last summer weekend we decided to celebrate by having s’mores in our back yard. I had so much fun putting everything together for the s’mores party. And the kids had a blast!

Petite Fashion Blog | S'mores recipe | OEUVRE Women Short Sleeve V Neck Belted Tie Waist Button Down Shirt Dress

How to Put Together a S’Mores Basket

I decided to put together a basket for our s’mores to keep everything organized and together for our s’mores party. For the basket I used this galvanized basket kit from World Market. It is the perfect size to keep everything I need in one spot. And it even comes with excelsior (soft wood shavings) to pad the bottom of the basket. For s’mores you always need napkins, and I found these adorable blue gingham napkins on Amazon. And for the marshmallows I kept them together with these star shaped bamboo sticks (I just used the blue ones). As for the chocolate, I do recommend buying in bulk (such as these or at your local Costco or other grocery store). And you can find graham crackers and marshmallows at your local grocery store too. Or if you are busy like I am you can find them in Amazon’s Prime Pantry and have everything delivered straight to your door. 

Petite Fashion Blog | S'mores recipe

Petite Fashion Blog | S'mores recipePetite Fashion Blog | S'mores recipe

We don’t get to use our fire pit nearly enough! But on a cooler summer day it is perfect for roasting marshmallows. And you definitely want to use marshmallow roasting sticks when roasting them over an open flame!

The kids had an absolute blast during our s’mores party! My girls had done it before, but for the boys it was definitely a novel experience!

Petite Fashion Blog | S'mores recipe

I’m not sure quite what he was laughing about here, but he definitely is enjoying his s’more!

Petite Fashion Blog | S'mores recipe

Petite Fashion Blog | S'mores night

There is nothing better than ooey gooey chocolate with a slightly burned marshmallow on a graham cracker sandwich! I think it is pure heaven for my kids!

Petite Fashion Blog | S'mores recipe

So what is your favorite way to end summer on a high note? I’d love to hear in the comments!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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2 thoughts on “S’Mores For The Last Day of Summer….

  1. that is certainly memorable moments for you and your family they look so happy and having fun. we do this often but not in a fire pit quit like that, it is beautiful did your husband build that? thank you for sharing such a cute post

    1. Thank you Margie! No my husband didn’t build it. We had it built when we had the home built, but I only refinished my chairs this summer so I didn’t take pictures of it until then.