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Confession, I am a bit obsessed with lipstick. I have tried so many brands and colors and most are very nice but the one complaint I have is that they don’t last and I have to constantly reapply it. So when I was asked to review the long-wearing lipstick Lipsense by SeneGence I was intrigued. I have heard so many great things about this product that I really wanted to try it out for myself.
Petite Fashion and Style Blog | Lipsense Review | Click to Read More...


Here I am wearing the color Apple Cider.

Petite Fashion and Style Blog | Lipsense ReviewPetite Fashion and Style Blog | Lipsense Review | Click to Read More...

Petite Fashion and Style Blog | Lipsense Review | Click to Read More...

Petite Fashion and Style Blog | Lipsense Review | Click to Read More...

Petite Fashion and Style Blog | Lipsense Review

Lip sense lipstick really does last! Here I am showing you how it looks when first applied. The second photo is the same lipstick after wearing it for 8 hours. I did work all day talking to patients and ate lunch (a delicious chicken schwarma wrap). I did reapply the gloss once in the middle of the day as my lips did start to feel a bit dry. The after picture was taken four afters after applying the gloss.

LipSense – The Long Wearing Kissable Lipcolor

So what is lipsense? Lipsense is a long wearing lip color that actually molecularly bonds to the lip. I love lipstick, but I don’t like to have to constantly reapply it throughout the day. With a a seemingly nonstop lifestyle of work and family who has time for that? This is why Lipsense was so intriguing to me.

Lipsense is not a stain. I can tell when I put it on because it tingles for a few seconds. It actually feels like an endothermic reaction is occurring as my lips feel cold when applying. It is meant to be worn with a permeable shea butter gloss that intensifies through the color. I definitely found this to be true as my lips feel very dry with the Lipsense lip color.


How Does Lipsense Work?

To start using Lipsense, you need to buy a kit that costs $55. This kit comes with one Lipsense color, the lip gloss and the Oops Remover. There are so many colors (over 70)  from which to choose! Here is the link to the warm shades and here is the link to the cool shades. You can even have your favorite lip color matched to a similar Lipsense color by your distributor. There is enough product in one tube to last as long as four traditional lipsticks.  The lip color is applied as the base, and the lip gloss is used on top of the lip color to seal in the color and provide moisturization. The moisturizer also adds shine to the lips.  The Oops Remover is an oil-based product that can be used to correct mistakes and to remove the lip color at night (though I haven’t found this necessary as my makeup removal wipes do remove the lip color).

There is no need to buy the kit after your initial investment. Additional colors can be purchased for $25. These colors last much longer than a traditional lipstick, so the overall investment is much less.

How to Apply Lipsense

Step 1: Apply the lip coloring. It is important to be slow and methodical about applying the lip coloring. If you are careful you won’t need the Oops Remover. You will need two to three coats, depending on the shade you choose. Apply the first layer to your lips, beginning with the outer edges of the lips. Let it dry for a few seconds, and then apply the second layer. Repeat a third time for darker coloring. If you have made any mistakes by going outside your lip line, then use the Oops Remover.

Step 2: Apply the gloss. I wanted to do this fairly quickly after applying the lip coloring as my lips felt very dry. The gloss does only last a few hours, so reapply throughout the day as you feel necessary. I did this once throughout my 8 hour workday.

Step 3: Remove the lip color. You can use the Oops Remover to remove the lip color. I have not found this necessary as my makeup wipes I use every night does an adequate job of removing the lip color.

The only negative thing I have to say about Lipsense is that it does make my lips feel rather dry. I think this is in part because I constantly wear lipstick and my body’s natural self-moisturizing process has been suppressed. This is not a serious negative, and I would definitely continue to use this product!

How to Order Lipsense

Lipsense is ordered through distributors. Cortney Chambers is the distributor I have worked with. She has been extremely helpful. She answers questions knowledgeably and delivery is prompt! You can often find promotions on her Facebook and Instagram page. And for my readers she is offering 15% off your purchase with the code bluehydrangeas15. You can order Lipsense through this page: To receive the 15% discount you do need to email her directly at or direct message her on Instagram.

Lipsense Giveaway!

In addition to 15% off, Cortney is also offering one Lipsense Kit with the color Kiss Me Katie to my readers (a value of $55!). Enter below. You can enter more than once by choosing each entry method. This giveaway ends at 12:00 am on April 7th.

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Thank you for entering and good luck!

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    xoxo, Hannah

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    Very unique idea to lipstick

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