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Stylish Puffer Jackets for the Winter

This weekend was yet again cold and freezing. I spent the weekend running around with the kids, as we celebrated my daughter’s 11th birthday. With all the cold weather we have been having, I am finding every opportunity I can to blog about coats. I am a bit of a coat addict, as I am always finding new coats that I like. Puffer jackets are one type of coat I have not blogged about yet, as I never really found many that I liked. In the past I have puffer jackets to be very big and bulky, and I really only liked wearing them when absolutely necessary (such as snowmageddon). But after much searching I have finally found a puffer jacket that I like! The SAM Soho Belted jacket stands out to me as the contoured styling with the belt at the waist makes this puffer jacket work well for my petite frame. 

Fashion for Petite Women | SAM New Soho Down Coat | Express Gray Mid Rise Destroyed Ankle Jeans | Celine Luggage Tote | Click to Read More...

The Anthracite grey color I am wearing is neutral enough to go with just about anything. I just love the glossy look of this coat and the belt at the waist accentuates my curves. The SAM Soho jacket also comes in a gorgeous navy color and black. This down-filled coat is the ultimate in warmth and style!

There are several other belted puffer jackets that I like as well. This belted puffer jacket from Nordstrom looks similar to the SAM puffer jacket, at a much lower price point (and it’s on sale!) . Always a fan of Burberry, I love their Limefield belted down puffer coat. Add a pop of red with a hat or a bag, and you instantly have a stylish and warm outfit. I also like this figure-flattering belted puffer jacket by Vince Camuto. It comes in three colors and is also on sale!

Puffer Jackets with Faux Fur Trim

Puffer jackets with fur trim add a modern twist to a classic coat. I like this soft yet stylish faux fur trimmed hooded puffer jacket by Sam Edelman. Even better, this coat is on sale at under $110. With belted waist and shorter length, this affordable puffer jacket is perfect for petite women. This fur-trimmed puffer jacket is stylish yet practical enough for the coldest winter days. And finally this SAM Millennium Double Front puffer jacket is flattering to your figure and is perfect for a frigid winter day.

Puffer Jackets with Color

A black or grey puffer jacket is practical and goes with so many outfits. Sometimes though you want to wear a little more color. I’ve always loved Kensie coats by Nordstrom (see my first Kensie coat here). This puffer jacket by Kensie comes in a fun red color, a beautiful winter white color, and a classic navy color. This body-contouring faux fur lined puffer jacket also comes in red and white. And finally this pretty pink puffer jacket would be perfect to wear to the gym or with a pair of jeans on the weekend.

Fashion for Petite Women | SAM New Soho Down Coat | Express Gray Mid Rise Destroyed Ankle Jeans | Celine Luggage Tote | Click to Read More...

Fashion for Petite Women | SAM New Soho Down Coat | Express Gray Mid Rise Destroyed Ankle Jeans | Celine Luggage Tote-

So I hope I’ve given you plenty of puffer jacket inspiration this winter. What are your favorite jackets to wear in the cold?

As always, thanks for looking!

xo | April

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44 thoughts on “My Favorite Puffer Jackets of the Season…

  1. Love the belted feature on this coat. I’m like you, puffer jackets do have their advantages of keeping us warm, but aren’t necessarily the most flattering of the bunch. Great choice.

  2. That jacket is awesome. It’s hard to find a puffer jacket that keeps you warm but isn’t so bulky and clumsy. That one has such nice shape and I love the color!

  3. I love everything about your puffer jacket, length, color, and I can tell it keeps your warm. I also love that bag which I must have.

  4. I usually go for the really thick jackets because we have brutal winters here. But if I can find one that’s stylish too, great!

  5. The whole outfit is just adorable, but that purse! I do think that’s my favorite part of the whole outfit 🙂 It’s so unique. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one quite like it.

  6. oh, that is such a cute jacket! it also looks like it’ll keep you super warm for the upcoming cooler weather 🙂

  7. These jackets are all so cute! I love how they look super warm without being tooo puffy! I’m always looking for sleek winter jackets so I’ll have to check some of these out!

  8. The puffer jackets look so comfy and cozy! I’ve never had one before, but we got one for my oldest son when we went on a trip to Colorado last year and it’s gotten it’s use with all these winter storms we keep getting in Texas!

  9. I’m a puffer jacket addict too lol I’ve always been obsessed with them and always want a new jacket. My favourite is Tahari and Rudsak. I love your puffer coat and would love to find one in that colour you are wearing! You look fabulous❤️

  10. This gray puffer is so beautiful! When you’re ready to sell it, I’m ready to buy it, lol!! (If only I was your size)!! Love that denim and those boots too!!

  11. Would you believe me if I would say I had the almost the same jacket in black and it was my absolute favorite. This one looks gorgeous on you.. loved this color also

  12. This puffer jacket really looks good on you! It accentuates your curves perfectly without looking bulky! Truly something worth waiting and investing! Thanks for sharing!

    ~ xo Sheree

  13. I love how you are rocking this all grey ensemble! And yes when I was living in DC,puffer jackets saved my life! Hard to use here in SoCal 🙁

  14. This jacket looks so awesome.I am sure it would be great stuff for the harsh winters too. Stay safe.. its really cold this year!

  15. Those are great picks! That one looks fantastic on you. Puffer jackets are so fun. I have never had one (I have a vest), but my husband loves them.

  16. Winter has been unbearably cold here in New York. I feel like I need arctic expedition gear. This jacket looks awesome tho.

  17. A puffer jacket never goes out of style! Love how you styled it, too. Grey seems to suit everyone, doesn’t it?

  18. I used to swear I’d never wear a puffer and now I love them! You look gorgeous and that color is perfect on you.

  19. Need that coat! I love the belt that just cinches in at the right spot! The color is so unique! Hope you had fun celebrating your daughter’s birthday!

    xxx Kristina

  20. Im all about puffer coats when it is cold outside. Being freezing isn’t a style I do well with. Haha. The grey color is gorgeous and I Love that Celine bag.


  21. I always wear my vibrant coloured jackets in the winter. They are warm but so fun with their bright colours. I haven’t gotten into the puffer style but I really love this one! The colour is beautiful and I love that you can belt it to give it shape. Looks so pretty on you!